On World Book Day 2018, Here Are The Top 6 Benefits Of Reading

| April 23 , 2018 , 12:34 IST

Before the Google generation where everything can be learned by clicking a mouse, books were the solution to any quest for knowledge, whether encyclopedias or non-fiction books. But books are more than just an answer to a specific query as they provide multiple benefits as well as entertainment.

Accordingly, to celebrate books, reading, and publishing, UNESCO has marked April 23 as World Book Day, which is marked in more than 100 countries world-wide. April 23 is also the death anniversary of legendary playwright William Shakespeare who died in 1616.

Here are the top 6 benefits of reading:

- Mental Stimulation

Research studies have shown that reading mentally stimulates people and keeps the brain active and engaged.

- Stress Reduction

Reading a great book, getting lost in the new world it takes you to, helps reduce stress as well as it takes you away from your problems in a healthy way.


The human brain is capable of remembering countless facts and reading books helps you add onto your existing knowledge without any hard work.

- Improved language skills

Whether you read books in English, French, Hindi or any other language, you gain exposure to that language, its grammar, various phrases and vocabulary, improving your language skills in that particular language. The improved language skills would help you in writing as well.

- Improved memory

As you go through a book, it becomes inevitable that you will remember various aspects of the story, if the book is fiction, then the different characters and plotlines or if the book is non-fiction, the basic background of the topic. The temporary remembering helps improve your long-term memory as well.

- Improved focus and concentration

At a time when we have gotten used being bombarded with multimedia, reading a book with no distractions requires focus and concentration. Reading books frequently increases focus and concentration as you become used to giving your full attention in one single direction.