On This April Fools Day Let's Get Sneakier, Here Are A few Pranks You Can Pull (At Your Own Risk)

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| March 31 , 2017 , 20:43 IST
[caption id="attachment_253294" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Representational Image Representational Image[/caption] April fool is just round the corner and all you sneaky pranksters must gear up. Oh! you still have no idea how to annoy your dear ones this April Fools day? No worries we bring you some cool ideas that you can use  and have a good laugh when they fall for it! Some Of our favourite tricks: 1. GIFTS: Who doesn't love gifts? and surprises out of the blue are the best, so take discarded shoe boxes (try and get a lot of them because it's for a special some one). Now go to your mother and help take out all the waste vegetable peelings. You know what to do with them? Put them all in the boxes and wrap them with the most beautiful gift paper. Now imagine your friends waking up to so many cutely wrapped boxes and she excitedly opens them only to find- vegetable peelings! She might hate you but it's funny. 2. SUSPICIOUS LOOKS: I tell you- best prank is no prank at all but pretend there i something fishy! So  who is the best target for this prank? Anyone who is a little too extra conscious of what people think- so what you do is get your gang and each one of you pass by this poor target of yours give them 'suspicious looks' as if something wrong, with their face, as if something is on their dress, widen eyes as if what they are about to eat is bad, do it all day just to make them double check their face and everything they do! 3.HR scare!: Have a friend who is a workaholic? Want to scare them just a little? so call them in the wee hour of morning and tell them your calling from their office, tell them you have a complaint against them and you are re considering their contract! If your friend loves his job this one little cruel call early in morning is a good enough prank! 4. Phones: You know no one can live without their phones and people who are creatures of habit can be pranked the best! So you know they love taking selfies and are a little self obsessed? perfect candidate! so in the rare minute when they leave their phone aside, u take it- and install an app that helps hiding photos, best part about this app is that is can stay invisible with all the photos in its vault and only open with a special code. So the poor friend thinks all her pretty photos are erased and when you are done and want to put her out of her misery just look at her dead in the eye and say - April Fool!! I know we get a little carried away in the name of pranks but we should remember that jokes should also have limits. So, decided which prank you'll pull? Happy april fools day!