Muharram 2017: Know All About The Relevance And Mourning On Ashura

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| October 1 , 2017 , 14:01 IST

Muharram marks the first month of the Islamic calendar. Instead of being celebrated as any other festival, Muslims observe this sacred day while mourning over the death of Hussain ibn Ali, the son of Hazrat Ali and grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

'Muharram' is derived from the word 'haram' which means forbidden. Muslims forbid themselves of all joy and celebrations while observing the tenth day of the month known as 'Ashura' which this year is celebrated on October 1.

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The day observed is by Muslims clad in black outfits and visiting shrines and mosques. Both Shi’a and Sunni Muslims observe the day but for different reasons. While Shi'as remember the courageous Imam Hussain for his sacrifice, Sunnis pay gratitude to God by observing fast on the day.

It is believed that on this day, Imam Hussain was brutally killed by the autocrat ruler for raising a voice in favour of justice and equality. Having lost life in the battle of Karbala, the legend left a great message behind marking the victory.

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In order to recreate the pain of Hussain Ali and express their grief, Shi'a Muslims beat themselves and organise flagellate parades. Several Islamic countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan have a public holiday on the day.

Sunni Muslims express their appreciation towards Allah for providing them with a great life and observe fast on the day of Ashura and Tasu’a - the ninth day of Muharram, as encouraged by Imam Hussain's grandfather, Prophet Muhammad.