Looking For Home Décor Ideas? Try These Eco-Friendly Tips For Decorating Green

| June 10 , 2018 , 16:29 IST

We often think about contributing to a green environment by running marathons and planting trees among the other widely publicised measures but what about our living arrangement? Our home environment which we come across each day needs a bit of redecoration.

Every person wants their home to reflect their personality while remaining conscious of ethics and visual appeal. However, the goal can be achieved by replacing the toxic elements with the eco-friendly ones while making a substantial contribution to the healthy environment.

Unlike what the masses believe, decorating green is NOT expensive. Incorporating green furniture, fixtures and furnishings can be affordable, beautiful and comfortable. Here are some cost-effective home décor tips for reducing your carbon footprint with ease:

  1. Vintage charm

Are you looking for some rustic charm to add to your home decor? Consider using the vintage furniture. Remember old is gold? Using the pre-loved articles will surely help the planet and make your home look naturally welcoming.

  1. Thermal Curtains

Ideal for insulation, the thermal curtains are not only environment-friendly but also pocket-friendly. Replacing your standard curtains with their thermal alternatives will not only dampen the sound and block out sunlight but also reduce energy bills.

  1. Love your walls

The best way to make a room come alive is repainting but is it safe enough? Most of the wall paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which emit toxic fumes, harming you and your family for years. To avoid the harm, go for 'low-VOC' paints or better, the eco-conscious wallpapers.

  1. Carpeting

Gen Y loves carpets to avoid coming into contact with the bare floors, so much so that they avoid the toxic fumes new carpets release. Every few years, the carpets are ought to get replaced and the new ones WILL release the pungent odour. The best to avoid the harm is either to avoid carpeting completely and go for real wood floors or opt the eco-friendly ones.

  1. Plants

Not just outside your homes but planting plays a crucial role in our residents too by breathing in carbon dioxide before converting it to oxygen. Apart from adding life to the living environment, plants purify the air by soaking up the harmful toxins and pollutants.