Fed Up Of Acne? Keep The Skin Monsters At Bay With These Simple Hacks!

| October 2 , 2017 , 14:35 IST
Everyone hates acne! As soon as you get one, you want it to go away. Irrespective of gender, all take acne seriously. One must avoid going over the top with home remedies to make acne go away and not touch the affected area, say experts.
Here are some tips for fighting acne:
* Acne is caused by internal imbalances, especially due to change in hormones, the impurities in the blood can also lead to acne. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, pre and pro-biotics and drink lots of water for avoiding pimples. Avoid dairy and high glycemic foods as they worsen or create hormonal imbalances.
* Many think that acne is simply an overproduction of oil and they can be scrub it dry with exfoliators and soaps. It should be noted that you should not be too harsh on your skin, the truth is that overly-dry skin can make acne even worse. Acne causes a lot of redness and swelling, the harder you scrub, the more likely you will damage your skin which will lead to marks and irritation.  
* It is important to exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a day, so opt for the perfect cleanser. This will help in keeping your face clean and skin away from dust and dirt.
* Moisturising the skin frequently helps in keeping the skin moisturise and keep the outer layer of the skin properly hydrated and leave it feeling soft and supple. Try using non-water based moisturiser, especially in the rainy season to keep it even if the face gets wet.
* To keep bacteria at bay, one must wash their hands before applying something on the face. Touching your face with dirty hands, especially the infected area will spread bacteria causing more acne, so one must be careful.  
* If one is undergoing the problem of acne and oily skin, Tea tree oil is a great solution as it has astringent properties which can fight acne. The oil is both antibacterial and anti-fungal and preferred for oily skin.

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