Keep Learning And Developing Your Brain With These 5 Intelligence Mantras

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| October 13 , 2017 , 14:51 IST

In order to be successful in life, it is most important to keep learning and developing at a constant pace without fail. Learning has no age limit and to meet steps with the ever-evolving world, charging your brains up for better knowledge always helps.

For achieving success in life, constant learning is the key. Somehow, even being a good learner doesn't suffice the requirement and the way you develop the skills is what counts. Here are few brain hacks which can help you in improving your intelligence dramatically:

1. Don't Train For More Than 50 minutes

We can always work for hours in order to try something new but will that help? Researchers are unsure. Experts believe that when our brains run on overdrive, there are chances of losing the power to work very quickly.

Hence, the 50 minutes rule, which suggests that any new information should be given more than 50 minutes at a time otherwise it could be too much to handle for our minds. Minimum 10 minutes break after each session is recommended.

2. Say NO to Multitasking

If you try to open multiple tabs on a computer, there are chances of your hard disk getting crashed. Same goes for your brain, doing multiple tasks at the same time always decreases one's efficiency and leads to distraction.

In today's era of digital abundance, smartphones are the reason for our constant distraction. Experts recommend that while trying to learn something, the first thing to keep in silence mode is our phone for better functioning of the brain.

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3. Learning methods

Sometimes the methods which we feel are the best do not suit your learning style in reality. Re-evaluating your technique of learning is always recommended after a while because learning from the age-old methods is not always the best option.

Your one learning session might consist of powerpoint presentation but trying learning through YouTube videos in your next session can't harm, right?

4. Learn From Experts

Taking guidance from right people is very important in your skill development. People who have already mastered a skill which you are planning to learn can always teach you better than those who are themselves at a learning stage.

Choosing your mentors wisely can always determine your success in future. Being present physically at a place is not always important in our age of technology where mediums like YouTube and Skype are present.

5. Take Notes

Taking notes can never get old. The practice can always enhance the learning and identify relevant concepts. Using Laptops and Tablets during learning sessions might be tempting but can never provide the satisfaction as handwritten notes.

Avoid the mindless scribbling and only jot the points which matter and seem important. Make your notes shorter and more relevant.