International Beer Day: 4 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

| August 3 , 2018 , 15:07 IST

Founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California by Jesse Avshalomov, International Beer Day (IBD) is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. This day is immortalized to celebrate the craft of brewing beer and to gather with friends to enjoy the taste of beer.

Mostly, the new alcohol drinkers go for Beer as their first drink, and people love to carry beer for their occasional activities and even while watching their favourite sitcoms.

Beer is an alcoholic drink that is brewed from the cereal grains which may have certain health benefits and even research also suggest the same results.

Take a look at some benefits of drinking Beer:

  1. It decreases the risk of heart diseases and keeps your heart healthy

Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers have 42 per cent lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. It credited the booze that helps cut back your cardiovascular disease risk, and beer is a heart-healthy beverage, several studies have claimed. Beer helps by lowering your blood pressure and raising HDL or good cholesterol levels.

  1. It can keep Diabetes away

A study says people who enjoy one glass of beer several days a week may be less likely to develop diabetes. Compared to non-drinkers, men who had 14 drinks a week were found to be 43% less likely to develop diabetes and women who had nine weekly drinks were 58% less likely to develop diabetes.

  1. It provides strength to bones

A study found that beer may be the key to stronger bones. It attributed the benefit to higher levels of silicon in beer. Silicon impacts bone mineral density in humans, and supplementing silicon in diets increased bone mineral density, the study correlated. But the results also suggested that heavy drinking may contribute to bone loss.

  1. It also improves the health of eyes

The scientists found an opposite effect in participants who had three or more drinks a day, dark beer a day could keep the eye doctor away. Canadian researchers found that one daily beer – especially darker ales or stout – increases antioxidant activity that can stop cataracts from forming in the eyes.