Indian Navy Sacks A Sailor For Undergoing 'Sex Change Surgery'

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| October 10 , 2017 , 19:09 IST

While the whole world is moving towards development and providing the equal rights to Transgender or transsexual people, the Indian Navy is still abiding by the foregone rules. In a recent shocking decision, a sailor who underwent a sex change surgery last year while being on holiday was discharged from duty.

Justifying the act, Indian Navy affirmed that the sailor was recruited as "an Indian male citizen" and women are not allowed in Navy as sailors. Manish Giri, the former sailor who has now changed her name to Sabi was accused of breaching service rules has stated that she will seek for justice and approach the court.

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In a letter given to Sabi on Friday, it was mentioned that "he was administratively discharged from service by invoking the clause of 'Service No Longer Required' under the Navy Regulations" with the approval of the defence minister. Sabi tried to justify his actions to authorities by informing that before the surgery he was feeling "like a woman trapped in a man's body" but it was of no use.

While dismissing the officer, Navy said, "He has breached the Recruitment Regulations and eligibility criteria for his employment as a sailor in the Indian Navy."

Sabi is married and even father a child with his wife whom he married before joining the engineering wing of the Indian Navy. Women do serve the Indian Navy but in medical, legal, educational, signals and engineering wings of the Army, the combat roles have been kept off limit for them.