India Not Doing Enough To Prevent Spread Of Hepatitis B : WHO

| July 21 , 2015 , 18:23 IST
Hepatitis B, WHO, Hepatitis B CausesIndia is one of those countries which has national strategy and health plan to prevent and regulate viral hepatitis, but a World Health Organisation report says that India is yet to have appropriate measures to curb the disease. According to the report, Hepatitis deaths tagged under two categories 'undifferentiated' or 'unclassified' are not enrolled with government. The report also reveals that there is no effort taken in regular scrutiny. Moreover, no reports on hepatitis are also being published by government. ALSO READ: WHO Urges Government To Raise Tobacco Taxes To Curb Smoking Citing lack of infrastructure in curbing the disease, WHO added that India lacks laboratory services and proper inspection of the disease. WHO also criticised India for no national framework on Hepatitis A vaccination and said that there is no concrete goal in eradicating cases of Hepatitis B. WHO report also mentioned that there is no record to track the vaccination among new born babies with the first dose of Hepatitis B within 24 hours of their birth or one-year-olds who get vaccinated three times for the same. ALSO READ: WHO’s Notice Of Concern Serious Concern For Quest Life According to WHO, around four to six crore individual in India have Hepatitis B which constitutes two to five percent of total population.One lakh patients die annually due to viral hepatitis in India.

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