Home Remedies: Know How To Take Care Of Your Precious Diamonds

| September 20 , 2017 , 12:48 IST

Diamonds are hard but too delicate and precious pieces for women. The toughest part is to take care of them, if you want them to keep look their best. Diamonds  can be damaged if we do not take good care of them. The jewellery can accumulate dust and grime and become dull if worn constantly.

Diamonds also get scratches when stored together, they get rubbed against each other. So we need to protect the jewellery and precious stones in all the little daily chores.

Here we have some easy way how  women can protect and care for their their precious stones:

Diamonds Cold Bath

Wash the diamond jewellery with one part mild dish wash detergent and cold water. For a while soak the jewellery in the solution. Pick the jewellery and clean around the edges with a soft brush like an eyebrow brush.  Rinse the jewellery and leave it to drain on tissue paper.

Store Your Diamonds

Storing the diamonds in a proper jewellery case is important. It should be stored in a case having cloth lining having separate compartments for different kinds of jewellery, as it should not be stored with other jewellery. Diamonds should  be well wrapped in tissue paper.

Diamonds Periodic Check-up

To  keep your diamond look new all the time it is important to take it to the jeweller twice a year or once in a year. It is also important to check if the stones are losing from the setting or if they need any other kind of care that only a professional jeweller can do. The regularly checkup of the diamonds can maintain its brightness and sparkling for longer period.  


Protect Them From Rough Use

Most of the women prefer to wear diamond rings for daily use, but the rough use of it can damage the diamond and could be in a great loss. Diamond jewellery should be protected with our daily bath soaps and sweat. So it is highly recommended that one should avoid it wearing roughly and even if you wear it, handle it with utmost care.  

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