Govt's New Policy Will Make Deleting Your WhatsApp Messages A Crime!

| September 21 , 2015 , 22:09 IST

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If you use WhatsApp or Snapchat and delete all messages at regular intervals so as to ensure functioning of phone smooth, then you might have to revisit your practice as a new government policy may force you to save all messages for at least 90 days.

A draft of National Encryption Policy on internet security will make it mandatory to save all such messages of your WhatsApp chat for at least 90 days so that it could be produced before the authorities if asked for.

The draft also recommend to control the security level on all online applications so that they can secure all the data of digital business for 90 days.

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This draft regulations will have to be implemented on all encrypted messaging services that also included Google Hangouts and Apple iMessages. Interestingly, only WhatsApp on Android supports the encrypted services that means other version of the instant messengers will not be controlled by the regulations.

The government, presently, asked citizens and organisation to come forward and give their feedback on the first published draft of the policy document. The draft has elaborated all the methods and information about the encryption.

Any citizen, group or organisation can send their feedback or suggestions on the encryption draft policy to by or before October 16.

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 National Encryption Policy: Points You Need To Know

Here are details and complications you need to know about the next big issue after Net Neutrality:

  • After implementation, your online business will also not be very safe. E-business sites will have to keep all of your information that includes your passwords as well. Think, if hackers can breach security of SBI Card holders' contact details then they can also explore your 'saved'  account details during your online transactions.
  • The government will also offer new encryption technologies to the aam aadmi of the nation so that they save their information or chat in the format. But, the encryption format, size and so many things related to this new conversion will be decided by the government.
  • The government will issue notification regarding encryption algorithm so you can follow them. There is possibilities that WhatsApp messages will have a different standards of encryption while Google Hangout will have different encryption keys. You cannot mess with it!
  • What if you do not follow the guidelines of encryption standards? Yes, government will punish if you could not produce the sought documents in the described encryption standards.
  • The government wants every citizen to be aware of the new thing. It's appalling! In the country where people can only send and receive WhatsApp messages, the state wants them to be aware of more complicated things -- encryption and its format, standard, size etc.
  • According to the draft, international and national service providers will have to follow the same rules and regulations. That means, they will hire more human resource to manage everything which may lead to a hike in the service price!
  • The encryption document was prepared by experts of Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) which works under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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