Ganesh Chaturthi 2016: Do Not Miss Out On These Lip-Smacking Modaks

| September 4 , 2016 , 00:00 IST
Ganesh Chaturthi is known for bringing in loads of fun, frolic and of course, food. Modak, one of the most popular sweets, is something you can't miss on the festival as it is offered to the elephant-headed deity. So, while you're planning to make the festival special, we bring to you must-have modaks this Ganesh Chatruthi.
Traditional ModakGanesh Chatruthi, Ganesh Chatruthi 2015
This one is the original and delectable variety of modak, which is known as ukdi che modak or popularly Steamed Modak. The dumpling has two parts with the outer coating being cooked rice flour and filling of cardamom, coconut and jaggery. These are steamed and eaten with a dollop of ghee on top.
Fried ModakFried Modak
Frying the steamed modak definitely adds the taste in it. These are small and can directly be popped into the mouth. You can simply fry the traditional modaks, after steaming them, till they turn golden brown. These have longer shelf life and can be eaten later as well.
Chocolate Modak
[caption id="attachment_126425" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Image Courtesy: buzzintown Image Courtesy: buzzintown[/caption] Though you can change the filling as per your choice, chocolate coating will make these yummier. Chocolate modaks are most popular one among children and youngsters. You can either dip your traditional modak in chocolate and refrigerate it for half-an-hour or bake some with some sinful chocolate filling.
Flavoured Modak
[caption id="attachment_126427" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Image courtesy: Image courtesy:[/caption] Adding flavour in modak can definitely adds the taste. Go for strawberry flavour with some small pieces inside. You can also go for Pan, rose, red velvet and dark chocolate flavoured modaks. In case, it's too late to try different flavour, drizzle some syrup on your traditional steamed modaks.
Peda ModakPeda Modak
These are most easy to make and taste really great. Peda modak is the regular peda mithai, which are available in the modak shape.

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