4 Ways To Enjoy Hot Vacation Sex At Home

| September 5 , 2015 , 11:27 IST
Vacation is that time of the year when you can unwind, enjoy and experiment with newer, kinkier and more exciting ways of having sex. This time is ideal to relax at a new place, without any responsibilities and tensions. However, escaping to a tropical destination every time is neither practical nor possible, so for those times we bring you a few steamy ways of enjoying hot vacation sex right in your home. ALSO READ: The Orgasm Gap: The Climax Bridge Between Man And Woman

No Sex Preparation

sex You’re preparing to have sex. Stop it now! It’s not your meeting that needs some kind of preparation, just get into erotic sex. Let go of your routine work, simply lie around and do nothing more than sex. But do pamper yourself just the way you would have done before going for the vacation. This will help you welcome an impromptu romp. Get the vacation feel and have sex whenever either of you is in the mood.

Get Wild And Messy

cream While on vacation, you usually have to stay in a hotel room which fortunately you don't even have to clean! So, when you don’t have to worry about cleaning and stuff, you won’t think twice before bringing cream into the bed or may be some chocolate syrup. Keep your worries away and bring everything on, but we understand it’s not easy to not think about the sheet , so we suggest you to keep a cloth shower curtain, which you can use while having wild, messy sex.

Get Into A Tech-Free Zone

phone This is no hidden fact that when you’re continuously connected to your phone, you aren’t really close to the people around you. Though we really can’t keep our hands off the phones, remotes or i pads, while on vacation we try to avoid them. So, when you plan vacation sex, keep yourself free from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and of course your work mail. Even if your phone is on silent, whenever it buzzes it will pull you out of the moment. Thus, make sure to keep your room tech-free and this will give you more time to have sex. After all without phones and TV, you just have one thing to do.

Experiment; No Bed Please

couch Innovation is the spice of life, but that doesn't mean you need to find it in the nooks and corners of the world. When on vacation, you must wish to experiment then why not at home? Break the rule of getting intimate on bed every time - try on the floor, the couch, the backyard, the kitchen slab or may be the shower. Sex doesn’t need to be full-blown intercourse every time, you can have some intimate moments in the car, enjoy oral sex in the pantry or foreplay in the shower.

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