Fed Up Of Rising Atrocities Against Women, UP Girl Invents 'Rape-Proof' Underwear

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| January 12 , 2018 , 17:35 IST

Women have faced safety issues for as long as one can remember due to the sick mentality of some overly wicked-minded people. However, the latest statistics suggesting over 25,000 "reported" cases of assault has prompted a brave girl from Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad to develop a unique concept to safeguard women from the evil monsters lurking in the society.

Seenu Kumari claims to have invented a rape-proof underwear, a prototype of which she developed in around 4300 INR. The miracle underwear has some pivotal features to protect a woman from the ill-intentions of rapists including a lock, GPS and a video camera. The supposed panty also offers an emergency call button to contact the family and friends in time of need.

Proud of her invention, the developer said, "This can help save the woman from wicked men who would try to violate her dignity."  She added, "I have put a smart lock that won't open till you key in the password. I have also installed an electronic device that is equipped with a GPS and calling facility."

While the lock can't be opened without the password, GPS can be used to send your exact location to the family and Police, Seenu claimed. The video camera will be able to record the video of ongoing incidence, which can later be used for recognising the criminal. The UP girl hopes to launch her invention in the bigger market with the bulletproof and cut-proof material.

Kumari uploaded a manual video on YouTube explaining her brilliant concept which, if used correctly, can save the dignity of endangered women from their predators. While the prototype has been sent to the National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad for patenting, Seenu believes, "If we use a better quality of clothes and equipment, it will be ready to use and sold in the market."