Know How Eating The Right Food At The Right Time Can Change Your Life

| September 5 , 2017 , 17:42 IST

Every thing we eat provides the body with a range of nutrients, which helps us stay healthy. If eaten in the right proportion according to one’s body weight, age, and gender it can also aid in weight loss. What defines our body's composition is lean mass-muscle and free fat mass. So, to achieve fat loss, it is important to eat the right food at the right time.

In a nutshell, at any one meal, don't combine proteins and carbohydrates/starches. You can eat vegetables with either proteins or carbohydrates. You should eat fruit alone without any other type of food.

The reason is the enzymes used to digest proteins and starches require opposite digestive pH levels to break them down. If you eat them at the same time, it slows digestion because it can only work on one or the other. Meanwhile, the other food sits and ferments waiting its turn to be digested. When food ferments, it gives off gases. This is what leads to the gas and bloating you feel after a poorly combined meal.

Here are some great ideas for meal planning:


--Begin with a bowl of fruit or have this for a mid-morning snack.
--At least 30 minutes later, have a muffin or an egg or omelet


--Have a salad with a roll or crackers or the salad with chicken added.


--Meat, poultry or fish with a fresh vegetable and a salad
--Pasta, potatoes, or rice with a fresh vegetable and a salad.

Here are a few other fine points to food combining.

--Do not drink milk with meat, but other dairy items are okay.
--Beans are considered a starch/protein and don't combine well with meat, poultry or fish, but are okay with dairy products and vegetables.
--Try to eat only one protein in a meal. Eggs are an exception and can combine with other proteins.

In addition to the foods you eat, water taken with a squeeze of fresh lemon about 30 minutes before your meal can kick your digestive juices into gear.

However, do not drink large amounts of water right before you eat as this will dilute the digestive enzymes in your saliva and slow your digestion right from the start.

Also, keep your water near room temperature. Extreme hot or cold water inhibits the gastric juices and shocks your system.

You will find when you adhere to these rules, not only will you drop a few pounds, but gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation will be greatly relieved.

We encourage our readers to give this a try for just 2 - 3 days and see how you feel!

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