OMG! Doctors Extract 7 Teeth From Newborn's Mouth In Two Operations

| September 1 , 2017 , 19:10 IST

A boy who was born with seven teeth in Gujarat underwent two operations to get them removed. Doctors had to carry on a 15-minute procedure on the one-month-old to extract the teeth from his mouth.

The kid's parents were worried about his conditions as the teeth were shaking during breastfeeding, hence they took him to City Hospital for treatment. Pediatrician, Dr. Nirav Benani and Pediatric dentist Dr. Mit Ramatri in Ahmedabad were consulted by the parents.

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After the teeth extraction, the doctors said, "It was a complex case and had to take additional precautions during the procedure."

Dr. Ramatri was stupefied with the scenario and implored, "I have never seen a new born baby with seven teeth. The baby was too young, it was impossible to give him a regular anesthesia, so we gave him local anesthesia as guided by Dr. Benani."

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He also admitted about the procedure was challenging due to the shaking teeth. He said, "The surgery was a bit challenging as baby's mouth was too small and chances of teeth to fall in baby's mouth was very high. It took us 15 minutes to remove all the teeth."

Ramatri further added that the further delay in the operation could have worsened the situation and the natal teeth could have been trapped in baby's windpipe or food pipe. The boy is doing better post the surgery and his parents are also content with the results.