Diwali 2017: Have You Heard These Tales Associated With The ‘Festival Of Lights’

| October 19 , 2017 , 17:17 IST

The ‘festival of lights’ Diwali has already begun! The day holds a special significance in the lives of Indians. This festival holds high tradition and is celebrated by spreading lights and love. The day is celebrated with zest and zeal all over.

Everyone blings in the colours of festival, gets new dresses, fine jewellery, exchange gifts and sweets. The day is celebrated across the country in several ways and celebrations stretch for 5-6 days. 

Ahead of festival people clean homes, make sweets, buy gifts and design rangolis at the entrance of their homes and offices. Homes, offices and public spots are decorated with colourful lights.

Here, we collate a few tales associated with Diwali.

1) The popular belief is that the people of Ayodhya welcomed their favourite Prince Lord Rama. The people lighted oil lamps and decorated the kingdom. Lord Rama during his ‘Vanvas’ lived in forest for fourteen years to fulfill his step-mother Kaikeyi’s desire, who wanted to see her son Bharat being crowned as Prince of Ayodhya.  
At the time of Lord Rama’s ‘Vanvas’, Sita got abducted by Ravana, the King of Lanka. Ravan captivated Sita in Ashoka Vatika, his desire was to make her his Queen. But, Sita was a devout wife. She waited until Rama Landed in Lanka to rescue her. Lord Hanuman, who became the ardent devotee of Lord Rama helped in rescuing Sita. 

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2) Another story links this day as victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasur. To restore peace on earth, Lord Krishna killed Narakasur. The day marks ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’, the 14th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashwin according to Hindu calendar. 
The victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasur is also added to the celebration. Lord Krishna was welcomed with all rituals like tilak and aarti. 

3) Diwali also has a great significance as the third day is celebrated as ‘Bhau Beej’ (Bhai Dooj). In the northern part of the country the day is known as ‘Bhathru Dwithiya’. This day tells the story of God of Death-Yamraj. Yamraj visited his sister Yami on this special day. Yami offered aarti when her brother visited her. Touched by her sister’s offering, Yama then told Yami that on this day every year brothers would be invited to their sisters’ home. This is how the festival gained significance.

Thus, the festival of lights ‘Diwali’ has great significance. Wishing one and all a very Happy Diwali!