The #Divorce Selfie Is The Latest 'Oops' Trend On Social Media!

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 5 , 2017 , 15:48 IST

When the word 'Selfie' was officially given a place in the Oxford Dictionary, it was in itself a huge deal as a word popularised on social media gained such global domination that Oxford had to recognize it worthy enough.

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Today, we have several other trending words on social platforms that find their inception in the word 'Selfie'. Just a couple of days ago, everyone was going gaga over 'Gym Selfie' when a new trend arrived with huge whispers! The #DivorceSelfie! 

This new term has been widely used and accepted by all the recently divorced couples as a compulsory ritual to announce the unfortunate news with a happy 'Divorce Selfie'.  

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While the previous generation couples believed in not even murmuring the negative word 'divorce', new age couples take a good amount of pride in showing off their separation with a selfie alongside former partners representing a rather positive and developing approach to the 'curse' word.

Here are some of the most viewed 'Divorce Selfies' ruling the internet. Have a look!


More excited than out our wedding day. #heresyoursign #divorceselfie

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To a new chapter #divorceselfie #cheers #changeisgood

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We went to court and got divorced today, and then went out for a beer and a selfie. Totally normal, right? Seems appropriate because nothing we've ever done is normal. I'm grateful to this guy for 25 sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good, years together. We raised each other from adolescence to adulthood and then made two beautiful children we love like crazycakes. Instead of being disappointed that our choice to be together didn't last forever, we choose to accept that sometimes good things fall irreparably apart, to be thankful for the adventures we had, to look forward to the new and exciting ways we will grow as individuals and in other relationships, and to commit to a lifelong friendship and coparenting partnership-- not just because it's good for our little ones, but because it's also good for us. KB, thanks for making this day, and so many other days, easier. You will always be my family. "Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends." (Rumi) #divorceselfie

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#divorceselfie we still make a great team. Glad to be friends.

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