Shocking! Customer Finds Live Insects In Domino's Seasoning Packets [WATCH]

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| September 12 , 2017 , 15:45 IST

Pizza is one of the most favourite fast foods in modern days, and pizza-lovers generously use the accompanying seasonings for an added flavour, however for one customer in Gurugram, the seasonings included something entirely unexpected.

Domino's Pizza customer Rahul Arora had pizza home delivered from the Domino's MG Road branch and the pizza was accompanied by a series of seasoning sachets including oregano seasoning.

Arora opened the sachets the next morning but found living insects crawling inside the oregano seasoning sachets! After opening several sachets to find each one crawling with live insects, he recorded a video of opening an otherwise sealed oregano seasoning sachet.

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Sharing the video on Facebook, Arora wrote "#BEWARE! All lovers of Domino's Pizza India's oregano seasoning, like myself. This is what they make you eat."

The video shows a typical Domino's oregano seasoning sachet which is completely sealed and has all the requisite stamps including FSSAI accreditation.

"We were #shocked. Opened all the sachets they delivered and found these in every single one of them," Arora said in his post.

View the video below:

Responding to the Facebook post by Arora, a Domino's spokesperson said "At Domino's Pizza, we maintain the strictest hygiene and quality standards in all our products and processes. We would like to reassure you that we have thoroughly checked oregano sachets in our restaurants and across our value chain. We have found them to be safe for consumption."

View Domino's response below:

Domino's also added that anything can happen if the sachets are stored in an "unhygienic way".

"We request everyone to please store any leftover sachets under proper storage conditions," it said.