Circumcision Has No Impact On Sexual Lives

| July 14 , 2015 , 15:43 IST
sexAs far as sexual life is concerned, people are highly satisfied with their partner's circumcision status and do not not wish for anything different to enhance their sex lives, a study says. The team from Queen's University said that women and men in the study were "really, really happy with their partner's circumcision status". ALSO READ: An Hour Extra Sleep Can Benefit Your Sex Life For the study, published in the Journal of Human Sexuality, the team surveyed 196 people in sexual relationships. "Although people notice (whether a man is circumcised or not) at the end of the day, it does not seem to have a really big impact on their sexual lives," lead researcher Jennifer Bossio from the department of psychology was quoted as saying. The researchers found that circumcision had little impact on partner's sexual function including desire, arousal, ability to orgasm and satisfaction, Globe and Mail reported. The results may offer reassurance for all as far as how they are regarded in the bedroom, the study said.

Tim Hammond

Thousands, if not millions, of men circumcised as children without their consent would tell a different story. The Global Survey of Circumcision Harm ( surveyed more than 1,000 men who are aware of long-term adverse physical, sexual, psychological and self-esteem harm as a result of having the most erogenous half of the skin system of their penis - indeed the penis's only moving part - cut off at birth.

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