China Surpasses India, Becomes The Top Tourists Provider Country For Nepal

| April 13 , 2018 , 16:24 IST

China overtook longtime record holder India as the top source country for tourists to Nepal with a 38.04 percent jump in arrivals in the first three months of this year, the Department of Immigration of Nepal said on Thursday.

According to the figures released by the department, Nepal received 40,976 Chinese tourists both by land and air routes from January to March.

During the same period, the number of Indians visiting Nepal dropped by a marginal 0.98 percent to 34,133 individuals. Indians arriving Nepal via land route are not counted as tourists. 

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India has long been the top source of tourist arrivals for Nepal. In 2017, Nepal received 104,664 tourists from China and 160,832 from India.

Nepal received 9,924 Chinese tourists in January followed by 14,287 in February and 12,173 in March. During these three months, Nepal welcomed a total of 216,998 foreign visitors, according to the data.

Sharad Pradhan, the media consultant at the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), told media that China took the number one position in the first quarter due to the inflow of a high number of Chinese travellers during the Chinese New Year. 

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He said, "With increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal during this Spring festival in recent years, the winter season which used to be off-season in the past has now emerged as an important season for Nepal's tourism sector."

As per reports, China's tourists today are the largest group of travellers in any country. Each year, 120 million Chinese vacationers head to foreign destinations to see the sights, which makes China the biggest tourism source market in the world.