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Check Out Birthday Girl Shraddha Kapoor's 5 Daily Healthy And Fitness Tips

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| March 3 , 2019 , 14:07 IST

Actor Shraddha Kapoor always is known for her miraculous performance in Ashique2, and on 3rd March 2019, she would be ringing in her 32nd birthday.

Shraddha is also one of the most popular Indian celebrities on social media. Her glam outfits and fit body has made Shraddha Kapoor a sought after youth icon of Bollywood today with an Instagram following of 27.8 million users.

Here are some of her healthy eating habits you may like to know

Stay Hydrated: Shraddha starts her day with a glass of water with a half lemon squeeze in it, Shraddha tries to drink 5 litres of water daily for her healthy and glowing skin.

Eat fruits: Shraddha's diet is filled with fresh and seasonal fruits. She recently posted an Instagram story declaring her love for fruits, with a  picture of dragon fruit in the background. Fruits are rich in fibre, minerals, and antioxidants that help keep you healthy and immune.

Home Cooked meal - Shraddha swears by 'Ghar ka Khana', in one of her interviews she also revealed that her favourite meal is home cooked dal chawal and bhindi. On her sets also, she likes to bring a cooked meal from home. Eating home cooked meals ensure you eat food made with premium quality ingredients and according to your nutritional requirements.

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Healthy snacks: In addition to her meals, Shraddha also has many healthy snacking intervals in between. She eats a lot of fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, and nuts as part of her snacks. Breaking your meals in multiple small meals helps keep your metabolism high.

Probiotics: In a recent Instagram story posted by Varun Dhawan he revealed "(She) hasn't slept for 50 days. No food, no sleep, no money. But she's here. On a very strict diet.. of the only curd." Dhawan and Kapoor were on their way to catch a flight for London. Shraddha is on a strict diet for her film 'Street Dancer', decided by her nutritionist. Therefore, it may prove risky for you to abruptly cut down on food. But what you can include in your diet is a good dose of probiotics. Curd has cooling properties; it keeps your gut happy and digestion smooth. Consuming a bowl of Curd daily is also good for the skin.

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