Bling On Smartly: Travel Light

| May 22 , 2015 , 16:30 IST
jewel Pick a few favourite and versatile jewellery pieces that you can mix and match while you travel, says an expert. Jewellery designer and gemological expert Akassh K. Aggarwal shares what pieces you can pack for your next adventure: * Versatile and convertible: These pieces make packing convenient because it does the work of more than one necklace and your travel companions will never know it's the same piece. * Light for feet: When you choose to slip into shorts, skirts or summer dresses, you can wear anklets. * Pearl earrings: They won't get in your way while you're navigating through airports. Besides, they add sophistication to the overall look of the outfit. * Your favourite piece from every day: Be it a wedding ring, simple bracelet or small gold chain, there are a few pieces that we put on every day. They should definitely be incorporated in your suitcase. * A dash of colour: Pick jewellery with pop colours because they have the ability to instantly make a simple black dress chic. * Sparkle and shine: Add a little sparkle to an outfit by wearing a pair of hoop earrings. It is easier than packing another dress.