Blind Woman Appointed To Judges Panel For Mrs Canada Globe Beauty Pageant

| February 11 , 2018 , 14:21 IST

Beauty pageants have been criticised in modern days for focussing too much on the outer looks of women, and for encouraging objectification of good looking women. Meanwhile, defenders of beauty pageants have claimed that the thoughts, views and other factors of a woman's personality are also taken into consideration.

In a unique response to beauty pageant 'haters', the Mrs Canada Globe beauty pageant will also have a legally blind woman, identified as Ashley Nemeth, on its panel of judges, who will judge the candidates on the basis of 'inner beauty' apart from looks.

Initially, Nemeth was unsure about being on the panel of judges for the beauty pageant, but she remembered her own words, "We believe that beauty is not just on the outside, it's on the inside."

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Nemeth also agreed to judge the pageant as she felt it was a great way to show that disability doesn't prohibit a person from many things.

"I think it's amazing that the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant wants to incorporate somebody who is blind into their judging panel because I truly will have no bias on what the contestants look like," she said to Regina Leader-Post.

Nemeth was affected by vision problems in her early childhood due to a genetic disease called ocular albinism. By the times she reached her teenage years, she lost most of her vision and currently the 31-year-old is legally blind.

The national director of 'Mrs. Canada Globe' Kim Castle expressed her excitement with having Nemeth as one of the 6 judges.  

"We want to encourage every woman to enter irrespective of their shape, size, age, colour, ability or disability," said Castle.