As Monsoons Are Awaited, Shield Hair From Humidity

| May 25 , 2015 , 20:23 IST
Monsoon-Health Relief from heat is what we get when the rain gods show mercy, but rainfall also brings a lot of humidity. Be careful, it can be harsh on your hair. "With increased humidity, there is a lot of sweating as a result of which the scalp gets greasy and the hair lustreless and dull. This increased moisture in the hair makes the hair sticky, rough and frizzy depending upon the type of hair," says Geeta Oberoi, managing director and founder member of Mumbai-based Skin & You Clinic. "The hot weather along with the sweaty, humid scalp makes it a good area that is conducive to growth of micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi, ultimately resulting in dandruff and flaking," she added. Oberoi also shared that polluted air can cause the hair to become more greasy and sticky due to the dust catching on the hair shaft. "There is also some amount of hair loss happening due to all these factors," she said. To help you keep your hair free from these problems, she has suggested washing hair more frequently than usual as it reduces the dirt and stickiness. "Keep the scalp as dry as possible by avoiding conditioners, oily lotions and serums on the scalp. You can apply them at least an inch away from the scalp," said Oberoi. If you wish to use conditioner, pick according to your type of hair. "Light conditioners for oily hair and slightly stronger ones for the frizzy kind of hair," she said. Tying up wet hair is also not a good option. Use a blow dryer to keep your hair dry, she said. Last but not least, focus on a balanced diet. "Drinking water frequently helps in keeping hair and skin refreshed. Have a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruit to keep your hair healthy," she said.