Sip And Savour: American Woman Earns Whopping 227 Crore By Selling 'Chai'

| March 31 , 2018 , 19:29 IST

How many of you are addicted to the savoury taste of tea? Many supposedly. The ultimate refreshment for each Indian, irrespective of their buying capacity, has reached overseas a while back but one Hippie woman has taken her love of tea to greater extends and established a multi-million empire.

Brook Eddy came to South Asia in 2002 for participating in the social change movement Swadhyay. She said, "It seemed like this really cool movement that 20 million people were practising but no one had heard of. At the time, I was asking myself questions like, how can we make our nonprofits stronger?"


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The movement forced her to ask herself, "Can we make businesses more like nonprofits?" After visiting various Indian villages for her research, the American lady developed a soft corner for the aroma of tea. Her love of India's favourite beverage knew no bounds, so much so that she took the flavour with her to Boulder, Colorado in 2006.

After trying to find that authentic taste of 'Chai' in local cafes at her native place, Eddy lost hope of ever savouring the same flavour again. However, her determination and craving for tea prompted her to establish her own business called Bhakti and started selling mason jars with her one-of-a-kind infusion from the back of her car.


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Soon, she started her entrepreneurial journey to success and became a multi-millionaire. "I realized the recipe I had crafted for myself, a fiery fresh ginger chai, could be produced for cafés and retailers to bring people not only ‘India in a cup,’ but build a mission-driven company on the tenants of bhakti," she admitted.

The love for chaos and vibrancy Eddy found in India bagged a white girl born of hippie parents in Glenwood Springs, Colorado a place among the top 5 finalists in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s "Entrepreneur Of The Year" award in 2014. A single mother of twins quit her full-time job for bringing the foreign customers a craft-brewed chai and now enjoys the perks of being a multi-millionaire.