7 Healthy Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate Frequently

| September 12 , 2015 , 10:27 IST
Until now, masturbation has been a taboo and people, especially women, avoid talking about it in public. Masturbation has got a bad rap, but it is a sort of party which you would love to enjoy alone. ‘Self-love’ is an essential part of a healthy sexual life. Of course, masturbation provides loads of pleasure, and a little alone time can go a long way. Well, it has some great health benefits as well. So, take this taboo subject to bed as a little ménage a moi is exactly what you need now. Here are 7 reasons that perfectly explain why every woman should masturbate:
Makes You Happier
makes you happy There is nothing more satisfying than self love, and releasing orgasm automatically lifts up your mood. Experts say along with orgasm, you also release oxytocin, which lifts up mood and makes you happier. This is true for both men and women.
Improves Sex Life
Improves Sex Life When you explore it, you find a better way to do it. Masturbation helps you to explore your body and know your body well. This makes you confident in bed and helps you to communicate about your likes and dislikes to your partner.
Helps You Fall Asleep And Relieves Stress
Helps You Fall Asleep And Relieves Stress Orgasms help to relieve physical and emotional tension. After a session of masturbation, your body gets exhausted, which helps you to fall asleep quickly. Also, if it is going dry spell for you, masturbation will help to satisfy your libido.
Helps To Get Rid Of Body And Menstrual Pain
Helps To Get Rid Of Body And Menstrual Pain Another taboo among women is whether to menstruate while on periods or not. Doctors suggest it is more fun to masturbate during those days. Also, masturbating just before your date helps you get rid of cramps as blood comes out faster.
Nothing Negative About It
Nothing Negative About It This is one thing that has absolutely no side-effects – neither you can get pregnant nor are there any types of negative repercussions.
Lowers The Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Lowers The Risk Of Prostate Cancer Masturbating frequently in adulthood lowers the risk of prostate cancer later on. It is important to have sex or masturbate at least a few times per week to clear your pipes. Well, there is no harm in masturbating everyday or having sex often.
 Feels f!@#$%^ Awesome
Feels Awesome This one actually needs no explanation. It just feels amazing! So, dim the lights, burn some aromatic candles and hop into your bed.