10 Hyderabadi Dishes You Must Try On Your Next Visit

| September 2 , 2016 , 18:59 IST
When we talk about food, we never miss on Hyderabadi cuisine. The royal Hyderabadi cuisine has it everything from biryani to kebabs. Here are 10 best dishes from Hyderabad that you must try on your next visit:
Mirchi ka Salan
mirchi-ka-salan Mirchi ka Salan's hot-pungent taste will certainly give you a kickass meal. The dish comes in a perfect balance of coconut paste and green chilli.
Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi_Chicken_Biryani Never ever miss on Hyderabadi Biryani. Cooked with either mutton or chicken, a spoonfull of biryani will certainly give you a heavenly taste.
Keema Samosa
keema samosa What else a non-veg lover need? Samosa + Keema = a perfect snack ever. Remember, you don't need any occasion to try this little snack combo.
paaya You are in Hyderabad and if you miss deliciou Paaya, not acceptable. For a food lover getting Paaya from Hyderabad is as important as any other dish.
Boti Kebab
boti kebab Hot boti kebabas with some roomali roti will just make your day. Don't miss this one for anything.
Malai Korma
Malai_Kofta Palatable Malai Korma with the extra hint of cream is best to have with with hot rotis or rice.
Murgh do Pyaza
murg do pyaaza The tempting flavours of this chicken recipe is enough to take you on a journey of Hyderabadi flavours!
Lukhmi Authentic Lukhmis completes your Hyderabad food journey. Dip These little squares of maida filled with minced meat in hot chutney and savour the delectable flavour.
Kache Gosht ki Biryani
Gosht ki Biryani Meat lovers you are surely not gonna miss this one. Cooked with raw meat, this dish stand out as a main course in Hyderabad.
Sheer Khurma
Sheer Khurma End your meal with the rich on a sweet note. This vermicelli pudding is a hit amongst all ages. Prepared with milk and dates, this is a perfect way to end your meal.

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