Transgender Community In Hyderabad Protests For Jobs, Security And Shelter

| July 6 , 2015 , 09:09 IST
[caption id="attachment_73796" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Transgender Community In India (File Photo) Transgender Community In India (File Photo)[/caption] The transgender community of Hyderabad gave a live protest demanding jobs for the third gender on Sunday. Not only this, but they also demanded the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) judgement to be implemented. The issue released by the Telangana Hijra, Intersex and Transgender Samiti had 150 transgender on the main four-way ‘Dharna Chowk’ in Hyderabad and raised slogans to protest against their discrimination, demanded jobs, housing and also the security against violence by the people against them. The shocking part is, transgender with degrees like Bachelor of Education, Masters in Commerce, MBA etc were denied for jobs. The social stigma is increasing and it’s dangerous for a third gender survival, they are continuously been denied for jobs and shelter. Veda Kumar of the Telangana Resource Centre sided with the oppressed and stated that the state should start taking the initiative to improve the living conditions. Further he added, “When transgender people are kicked out from their family, who else would educate and support them.” The release by the Telangana Hijra, Intersex and Transgender Samiti quoted “Every human has a right to live and transgenders need the Nalsa judgment to be implemented in Telangana without which they face daily violence. ”