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US Considers Alternatives For 'Friend' India's Iranian Oil Supply

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| September 29 , 2018 , 14:40 IST

As the US is ready for a tougher round of sanctions on Iran from November 4, the US President Donald Trump administration recognises India’s need of substantial oil imports portion from Iran and ensures to provide alternatives options, media reported on Saturday.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of South and Central Asia Region Alice Wells told news agency PTI that "the United States is consulting with all of its friends and partners to discuss the implementation of the sanctions after the snapback...we recognise India has a need for significant oil imports."

"Part of the conversation is how to ensure that there are alternative supplies of oil so that our friend India's economy is not adversely affected," she added.

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While the US has already placed the first phase of sanctions on Iran it wants all countries, including India to stop importing oil from Iran otherwise be ready to face sanctions.

The US has also made it clear that any country that continues to do business with Iran will be blocked from accessing the American banking and financial system.

The US directive came after withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal in May this year and reimposing sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

On September 27, after a meeting with Indian counterparts ahead of U.S. sanctions the Iranian Foreign minister said that India is committed to buying Iranian oil, continuing the two nation’s economic cooperation.