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Deploring North Korea, Sushma Swaraj Takes Jab At Pakistan Alleging Nuke Links

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| September 19 , 2017 , 12:16 IST

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj currently representing India at the United Nations General Assembly, took an indirect jab at Pakistan while deploring the recent missile tests conducted by North Korea, which have become a global concern.

At a trilateral meeting with the US and Japan, both nations which have been targeted by North Korea, Swaraj said that North Korea's "proliferation linkages must be explored".

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"The external affairs minister deplored North Korea's recent actions and stated its proliferation linkages must be explored and those involved must be held accountable," said external affair spokesman Raveesh Kumar after the meet.

While most countries have been warned against supporting North Korea, Pakistan is considered to have had a major hand in the nuclear programme of North Korea. The US's Central Intelligence Agency has informed reportedly informed successive US administrations regarding the nuclear relationship between Pakistan and North Korea.

In 2004, Abdul Qadeer Khan considered to be the 'father' of Pakistan's atomic bomb, confessed to selling nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya.

More recently, earlier this month, Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy spoke to Germany's media outlet Deutsche Welle alleging that there was 'complicity at a very high level' regarding transfer of nuclear secrets, hinting that AQ Khan did not act alone.

"It is very hard to believe that AQ Khan single-handedly transferred" all the technology from Pakistan to North Korea, Hoodbhoy said.

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"It was a high-security installation in Pakistan and guarded with very fearsome amount of policing and military intelligence surrounding it. Moreover, the centrifuge weighs half a ton each and it is not possible that these could have been smuggled out in a matchbox, so certainly there was complicity at a very high level," Hoodbhoy said to Deutsche Welle.

During the India-Japan Summit last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also made a veiled reference to Pakistan in a joint statement condemning North Korea's nuclear programme as 'a grave threat to global peace'.

North Korea's recently claimed hydrogen bomb test, two of its missile tests over Japan and reports of a missile that can reach US mainland, added tensions to Japan and the US, resulting in a call for even more stringent sanctions upon North Korea.