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Miniya Chatterji's Indian Instincts: Essays On Freedom And Equality In India Launched At Davos

| January 27 , 2018 , 22:19 IST

World Economic Forum 2018 held at Davos witnessed India taking the centre stage. The Forum saw an Indian Prime Minister participating for the first time. PM Modi’s eloquent speech at the WEF Plenary in Hindi gathered praises from all quarters.

World Economic Forum also witnessed the first book ever on India to be launched in Davos. Titled ‘Indian Indian Instincts: Essays on Freedom and Equality’ the book has been authored by Dr Miniya Chatterji and published by Penguin books.

The book was launched on the eve of India’s 69th republic day.

The book encompasses almost everything that makes an Indian. From tracing the possible first arrival of man in India to writing about love, sex, money, parenting and values in Indian society and discussing nationalism, religion and democracy, Miniya Chatterji presents an accessible yet brilliant intellectual treatise about issues that affect Indians the most. Indian Instincts is a seminal and deeply philosophical work, presented tactfully with entertaining and memorable instances.

This book, a collection of fifteen powerful essays that argue for greater equality and opportunity in contemporary India, holds up a mirror to what we Indians have become.