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Indian Immigrants Celebrate As Saudi Arabia Waivers Skype, WhatsApp Call Ban

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| September 22 , 2017 , 18:03 IST

After much persistence, Saudi Arabia has decided to lift the ban online messaging applications like Skype, WhatsApp and Snapchat from September 21. An official statement was issued by the country's telecom authority informing the people of lifting ban on any voice and video apps as long as it is meeting the rules.

The authorities made the announcement via the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. The ban might have been lifted considering the potential business that the country was missing out on due to the restricted internet services. The reforms have a broader aspect in terms of the Saudi's economy.

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"Digital transformation is one of the key kick-starters for the Saudi economy, as it will incentivize the growth of internet-based businesses, especially in the media and entertainment industries," read the statement.

Saudi's authorities made is clear that even after the ban lift, the activities performed by these applications will be closely monitored. All the irrelevant websites would be blocked under extensive internet censorship.

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Many Indian immigrants who are working in the country were having a hard time communicating with their relatives home due to the restrictions on internet services. The lifted ban has them jumping with joy as they will now be able to stay in touch with their families.

The country announced the ban in 2013 on such services in order to "protect society from any negative aspects that could harm the public interest." The new strategies were launched under the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, who carries a vision of diversifying the country's economy.