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Indian Drone Invaded China's Airspace And Crashed, Alleges Chinese Media

| December 7 , 2017 , 10:15 IST

Chinese state media has alleged that an Indian drone invaded its airspace and crashed 'recently' without specifying when the incident took place.

The China-based Xinhua news agency quoted a senior Chinese defence official as saying that the Chinese border troops "took a professional and responsible attitude" and carried out identification verification of the device.

"The Indian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) intruded into China's airspace and crashed recently, and Chinese border troops have conducted identification and verification over the vehicle," Zhang Shuili, deputy head of the combat bureau of the Western Theater Command's joint staff department, was quoted as saying.

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"India's move has infringed upon China's territorial sovereignty and we are strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to this," he said.

"We will fulfil our mission and responsibility and defend China's national sovereignty and security resolutely," Shuili added.

Recently, on Wednesday, China's Global Times accused India of attempting to influence the US against China's increasing naval capabilities by projecting the Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) navy as a direct rival of the Americans.

"The Indian media is exaggerating the rise of our naval power, as China has made clear that the development of maritime power is to protect the security of sea lanes. And the rise of the PLA navy will never affect freedom of navigation," said Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences said.

"India just wants to incite the US to cooperate with India on containing China," said Hu.