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India Today Is Free, But Once Again Under Threat: Rahul Gandhi Tells Indians In Bahrain

| January 9 , 2018 , 07:48 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in his first international visit after becoming party chief, addressed the Indian community in Bahrain on Monday, slamming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government, saying that although India today is free, it is once again under threat.

"I am here to tell you what you mean to our country, that you're important, to tell you there is a serious problem at home, to tell you that you're part of the solution and that I am here to build a bridge between wherever you are in the world and home," he said in his address to the Global Organisation of People of India Origin, which included delegates from 50 countries.

"Tragically the conversation in our country today is not about jobs, healthcare or education. The only thing India talks about is what you are allowed to eat, who is allowed to protest and what we can say or rather what we cannot say," Rahul Gandhi said.  

"India today is free, but once again it is under threat. There are two clear threats facing our country today. The first is our government's inability to provide jobs for our people. Our main competitor China produces 50,000 jobs every 24 hours. India currently produces 400 jobs in the same amount of time," the Congress chief added.

"It is an important figure. What China does in two days, it takes India one year to do. These are not my figures, these are figures of the government of India given in the Parliament. Job creation in India is at an eight-year-low," he said.

"New investments have been lowest in 13 years. Bank credit growth has sunk to a 63-year low. To make matters worse, many in the Indian diaspora have lost hard-earned money because of arbitrary decisions like demonetisation. It landed a crippling blow to India's overall economic growth. The fact is that India can simply not afford this," Rahul Gandhi said.

Indicating that there will be dramatic changes in the Congress, party president Rahul Gandhi promised to deliver a "new shining Congress party" in the next six months, with his top three priorities being to create jobs, good health infrastructure and an education system.

Previously, in September 2017, Rahul Gandhi, then the vice president of Congress party had slammed the government and PM Modi during a trip to the US.