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India Rethinking On 5th Generation Fighter Jet Deal With Russia Worth Rs 2 Lakh Crore

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| July 8 , 2018 , 17:29 IST

India is said to be unhappy with Russia on the joint fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) deal due to the high costs involved in the project and discussed its disinclination with Russia on Sunday. However, both the countries are still open to negotiate on the project to take the further steps as everything is not over yet.

In 2007, India and Russia had signed an inter-governmental agreement for the project but there has been no progress on the project for last 11 years. The main reason behind is the difference in the opinions of both the countries on the technology for developing the jets and the number of crafts to be produced.

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According to media reports, the project cost is around $30 billion or Rs 2 lakh crore. India has conveyed its opinions on various aspects of the project to Russia but has not been getting an appropriate response.

India had agreed to pay a sum of $295 million to Russia in December 2010 for preliminary design of the fighter jet. After that, both the countries had expressed intent to invest $6 billion each for the final design of the aircraft for the first phase of the project but neither carried out the intent. 

It is learnt that India has been trying to get equal rights on the project in terms of technology to be used in aircraft but Russia is not willing to share the critical information about the jet.

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