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India On Show At Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

| March 26 , 2018 , 19:37 IST

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 opens this week on 29 March and will run until 31 March. This year’s edition features 248 premier galleries from 32 countries, besides a range of exhibitions, openings, events and parties in the city.

The origins of Art Basel Hong Kong lies in the Art HK art fair that was set up in 2008 in Hong Kong to attract the growing numbers of Chinese art investors as well as established western investors interested in Chinese art. The fair was a big success and held year after year until 2013 when Art Basel bought out Art HK. Ever since Art Basel, Hong Kong has been propelled into international prominence. Locally too, Art Basel Hong Kong’s success has resulted in the establishment of several other smaller art fairs in the city.

Art Basel Hong Kong offers a glimpse of Asian diversity with art ranging from handicrafts to virtual reality. This year out of 248 galleries, 41 are from mainland China which is 6 more than last year. First-timers from China include Capsule Shanghai and Don Gallery. 26 galleries at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 are from Hong Kong itself. Even Iran is represented for the first time ever at any Art Basel show worldwide, with the gallery Dastan’s Basement coming to Hong Kong from Tehran.

The participation of Indian galleries and artists have increased every year in number and prominence at Art Basel Hong Kong. This year 9 India-based galleries will show, including newcomers Tarq from Mumbai and Gallery Espace from New Delhi. Last year there were 3 Indian galleries that participated in Art Basel Hong Kong.

The Encounters section at any Art Basel show worldwide brings together artists and their exhibits across countries on to a single space. Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 brings together 12 artists from 11 countries including Australia, Austria, Chile, Cuba, Germany, India, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Indian installation artist Subodh Gupta shows his work titled Start as part of the Encounters section at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018.

Hong Kong is the latest addition to the Art Basel family but has become one of the most chic destinations for collectors of Asian art, especially because Hong Kong’s art market is now the third-largest in the world.