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India Gave 109 Death Sentences In 2017, But No Executions Since 2015: Amnesty International

| April 13 , 2018 , 09:57 IST

In the year 2017, Indian courts pronounced 109 death sentences, a decrease from the 136 death sentences given in 2016, however, there has been no execution since 2015, a report from Amnesty International showed.

The "Death Sentences and Executions 2017" report released by human rights organisation Amnesty International on Thursday also noted that there were currently 371 people on death row in India.

Despite the large number of prisoners on death row in India, the last time an execution was carried out in India was that of Yakub Memon in 2015 after he was found guilty for the 1993 Mumbai terrorist bombings that killed 257 people.

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In comparison, Pakistan executed more than 60 people in 2017, sentenced more than 200 others to execution and still has more than 7,000 prisoners on death row.

Globally, the maximum number of executions in 2017 took place in China, estimated to be more than 1,000 although China has not revealed the exact number which is considered to be a 'state secret'. Following China, the nations with the highest number of executions are: Iran (507+ executions), Saudi Arabia (146 executions), Iraq (125+ executions) and Pakistan with 60+ executions. The US

In the US, 41 death sentences were announced in 2017 and 23 executions took place, while 2,724 people are on death row.

The death penalty serves as a powerful deterrent against crimes, and in recent violent rape cases, the public itself has demanded the death penalty for the accused. The death penalty was also awarded to 4 convicts in the brutal Nirbhaya rape case of 2012, however, the death penalty is yet to be carried out.