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Disappearance Of Sherin Mathews: Who Is Responsible?

| October 24 , 2017 , 19:27 IST

Sherin Mathews (Saraswati) once deserted on a far-away continent seems to have been cruelly abandoned again and this time to death, right near her newfound home in North Texas.

For two weeks now, police, cadaver dogs and drones had been searching for Sherin as Dallas remained transfixed and praying for this missing child. 

Sherin Mathews disappeared at an unearthly morning hour of 7 October 2017 after being “punished” for not drinking her milk. Her father Wesley Mathews sent her to stand in an alley, outside, in the dark about 100 feet away from the house. To a small child, it would have been terrifying to stay there in the dark. When I think of it she would have just wanted to come home. Could she have wandered away by herself in dark? The answer to me seems No. So the question remains what happened to this achingly sweet-faced girl?

As per original story cited by Mr. Mathews, fifteen minutes after she was sent out, she supposedly was gone. It is truly hard to fathom such mean parenting but you still want to give the person at the other end a benefit of the doubt because you can’t believe a parent would be so harsh to such a small child.

However, what happens next as per him just plainly disturbs you and raises many questions. Wesley Mathews' does not call the police, or initiate a search till the sun comes up.  And oh, of course, he calmly makes use of the time to do some laundry when his 3-year-old is missing in the dark of night in a place where coyotes have been seen before. It all seems strange added to the fact that as per Police, someone left and returned to the residence in family’s SUV around 4 am, before Mathews got around to finally making a call to the Police station at

Mathews told police that Sherin was malnourished and had to be on a special diet to gain weight. She had to be fed whenever she was awake and wasn't cooperating when her father tried to feed her. Maybe that was the frustration Mathews was experiencing that night but it is all a conjecture at this point as police are trying to verify facts.

On Sunday, a child's body was found in a culvert less than a mile from the Mathews home. Police are waiting for a formal identification of the body, but Richardson Police Department says they have every reason to believe it's Sherin.

Abandoned as a child in Gaya, India, Sherin was being raised in an orphanage in Nalanda when she was adopted by the Mathews Family when she was less than two-years-old because they wanted a sibling for their elder child. Though the couple could have adopted a child from anywhere in India, they showed a preference for Bihar.

Sherin Mathews had few odds in her favour from the beginning of her story but the future seemed hopeful with the adoption but no one knew how this innocent life story would be cut short soon so soon.

What did Wesley Mathews tell police on Monday is not clear, but the charges of endangering his little girl were upgraded to felony "injury to a child” after her body was found on Sunday citing his providing an alternative series of events from what he previously told them about Sherin's disappearance. Mathews has already faced abandoning/endangering charges based on his hideous alley story. As part of his bail condition, he was required to surrender his passport and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet so authorities could track him at all times, according to Dallas News

The biological 4-year-old daughter belonging to Mathews and his wife, Sini, is in Child Protective Services foster care. CPS acknowledges that it has dealt with the Mathews family before, although details of that interaction remain a secret.

Earlier Monday, Mathews and his wife, Sini, attended a court hearing to determine whether they could regain custody of their biological daughter.The judge postponed the hearing until Nov. 13 to give Mathews time to hire a civil attorney, as reported by the Associated Press

You can expect all will become clearer when the cause of Sherin's death is announced. The worst case does not bear thinking about, but it's hard not to speculate.

Was she profoundly betrayed by someone in whom she should have enjoyed, in her innocence, absolute confidence and trust. Could a  parent do such a thing?

These questions continue to haunt us as we can’t help but say that probably the adults in her life have failed her.