Think Twice Before Using Study Drugs For Better Grades

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| February 19 , 2018 , 19:35 IST

With exam season just around the corner, students are unwilling to leave any stone unturned for scoring high grades. Having the major universities judging prospective entrants on basis of their high school percentage has applied added pressure on their back.

The stress to score well and stay focused pushes many students towards what they call "Study Drugs". However risky their consumption is, they knowingly move towards this so-called solution which helps in increasing the mental focus and productivity for the purpose of studying. 

These drugs are also known as Nootropics works as cognitive enhancers which helps the students in staying awake without any hassle. Many feel that they can increase their productivity by gulping in few pills, with or without prescription during exams.

But are they meant to be used as 'Study Drugs'? In most cases, these medicines passed around to students by their acquaintances during exams are prescribed for a completely different purpose. While many of these drugs do increase concentration but they come with side effects.

From developing serious heart condition to insomnia and loss of appetite, these drugs can be counter-productive. Consuming these drugs without a prescription is not only illegal but can lead to addiction and create an havoc of emotions in the consumer's head.

People have started replacing their hot milk and coffee with these drugs to stay awake, which should be avoided. Not to forget that there are high chances of the consumer to sleep like a log once the drug wears off and the after stress craving. So, think twice before using such drugs.