Smoking, Alcohol Addiction, Obesity And Diabetes: Prior Indicators of Alzheimer's Disease

| July 30 , 2015 , 10:56 IST
alcoholism According to a study published in Radiology (Journal), smoking, drinking alcohol, diabetes and obesity problems are linked with brain volumes which may be the prior indicators of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. ALSO READ: ‘Virtual Reality’ Therapy To Treat Alcoholism Obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption is associated with shrinking of total brain volume which adversely affects emotional activities and memory strength. Researchers discuss about their awareness on factors that can cause fatal damages to brain health and vascular risk damages that can result in mental imbalance, the reports added. ALSO READ: Smoking Linked To Breast Cancer In Young Women According to a research from Dallas Heart Study (DHS), out of 1629 people (805 under age 50 and 824 above 50), lower brain volumes under each age group is related to lower scores in cognitive test. The researchers have analyzed the major risks of obesity, alcohol addiction, diabetes and smoking and their relation to parts of the brain with smaller volumes.

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[…] ALSO READ: Smoking, Alcohol Addiction, Obesity And Diabetes: Prior Indicators of Alzheimer’s Disease […]