Men Beware! These Are The Signs Of Cancer That You Often Avoid

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| October 4 , 2017 , 19:49 IST

Men are the notorious creation of God, no offence! They know how to take care of themselves but are scared of regular doctor visits. Most of the symptoms of ill-health are often brushed off by them as nothing which leaves them to develop into something worse.

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It is often noted that if caught at the initial stage, cancer is treatable. Men miss some very common signs of cancer and struggle for their lives later. Here are some commonly noted symptoms of cancer:

1. Urinating Issues

Older men face problems while peeing. From leaking to weak stream or burning feeling, all problems are caused by enlarged prostate gland but they can also be the signs of prostate cancer. 

2. Testicular changes

Men are well aware of their testicles shape, weight etc. If any changes in terms of the size indicating swelling or lump formation is noted, it can indicate Testicular cancer, mostly found in youth or middle-aged men.

3. Blood In Pee

Any sign of blood in bladder, kidneys, or colon can never be a good sign. It can be a symptom of haemorrhoids or a urinary infection but cancer can always be a possibility.

4. Skin Changes

Any noticeable change in a particular spot or mole can be a sign of skin cancer. It could be the change of colour, shape or size which might be found through biopsy.

5. Trouble In Swallowing

If the swallowing problem you are facing comes from time and again leading to weight loss and puking, it might be caused due to stomach or throat cancer. Heartburn can be one of the signs of similar cancer.

6. Incurable coughing

If you are coughing for weeks without the presence of any allergy or cold then it could be a symptom of lung cancer. Chest pain extending up to the shoulder or arm can be one of the signs.

7. Weight Loss

You are eating well, there are no changes in your regime but still losing weight? The unexpected weight loss can be one of the signs of pancreas, stomach, or lungs cancer. 

8. Fatigue

If you feeling tired all day without doing much work than it could be one of the signs of cancer. You might fall short of breath and stay exhausted all the time.

9. Chronic Headache

People who are regular to headaches and migraines also visit the doctor regularly and stay updated with their health status. If you are not one of those and have recently started getting headaches, it could be a sign of a brain tumour.

10. Frequent fevers

Fevers are not something can people often have but it stays for long, there can be consequences. An earlier sign of many diseases is the fever. In case of cancer, blood-related diseases and leukaemia are generally spotted with resurfacing fevers.