Save Yourself From Getting Trapped In The Vicious Steroid Cycle, Here's Why?

| February 2 , 2018 , 18:23 IST

If you’ve been kicking around gyms for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that steroid use is becoming more and more common. Just here in India, the majority of guys focuses on getting bigger, leaner and stronger faster and hence, shortcuts the process of gaining muscle and strength by engaging in a steroid cycle. These acts are on the rise to get admiration and approval from opposite sex.

People who use steroids have experienced elevated LDL cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure, increased aggression. Fortunately, they typically disappear after steroid usage stops, but other side effects can haunt you for the rest of your life, like male pattern baldness, decreased sperm count and fertility and male breast growth. Permanent acne scarring is also common and some women can develop more masculine facial features. Some side effects of steroids are listed below:

Increased risk of heart and liver cancer

Many of us exercise so we can live long and healthy lives and reduce our risks of disease but when you take anabolic steroids, you increase the risk of these deadly diseases. Taken over a long period of time in high doses, steroids can lead to developing of liver cancer, increasing the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Steroids Can Cause Impotence

First, if you are yet to have kids and that’s something you plan on doing in the coming years of your life, you’ll really want to think twice about steroid use. A study published in the Western Journal of Medicine illustrated that there was a direct relationship between steroid use and incidences of impotence, illustrating this connection. Steroid use is going to shut down your own natural production of testosterone, which is key for sperm development and function.


Losing your hair and going bald is typically something most men hope to avoid or at least delay as long as possible. When you take steroids, one side effect is premature hair loss. So the question here arises, Why you risk losing your hair, considerably ageing yourself!


When you bulk up by making an alteration in your diet, surely you get some good fat over your body, but a pair of boobs can develop when you take these dangerous drugs. Steroids suppress your natural testosterone levels, which means your estrogen levels are higher than normal and these can lead to developing breasts.


Taken in high doses and over a long period of time, steroids can make you irritable, violent and stressed out. Steroids can impact how the brain functions and controls your impulses, and thus can result in violent reactions

NOTE: If you’re a professional athlete or actor and your livelihood is directly tied to your physical performance or appearance, then you have a good reason to take steroids.