Know All About World Cancer Day

| February 4 , 2018 , 16:44 IST

World Cancer day is celebrated on February 4th every year. The main objective to celebrate World Cancer Day is to spread awareness about cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment.

World Cancer Day was founded by the Geneva-based, Union For International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008. The primary goal of the World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020.

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Multiple initiatives are run on World Cancer Day to show support for those affected by cancer.

One of the most famous movements was #NoHairSelfie that was initiated in 2015, which was a global movement to have people shave their heads either physically or virtually as a symbol of courage for those undergoing cancer treatment. Images of participants were then shared over social media.

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The main aim of this day is to increase awareness in people and educate them about cancer so that millions of people would be saved from preventable deaths each year and also to pressure governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

On this day people all over the world took to Twitter to show their support to the those who are fighting their own battle against cancer.