US Restaurant Offers Valentine's Day Special Burger With Diamond Ring On Top!

| February 9 , 2018 , 13:08 IST

Pauli's, a small catering company and restaurant in Boston, United States is offering a Valentine's special Burger with a 7/8 carat diamond engagement ring worth $3,000 (nearly Rs. 2 Lakh). The burger has to be ordered 48 hours in advance.

In a press release talking about this unique burger, restaurant's owner Paul Barker said "Crazy but good. I think it’s in my DNA. This time we thought we’d go inside the box." He added "It’s the Big Boy Burger proposal. Nothing says 'I love you' like a ring with barbecue sauce dripping down your arm right?"

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Paul Barker added there are no confirmed orders so far, but there are several “very interested” people.

While providing details on the delivery, he said interested parties must provide the restaurant with 48 hours advance notice and "reserve with a valid credit card" before coming down for the ring-studded burger, which also comes topped with onion rings, American cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce and a side of fries.

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Pauli's press release adds that patrons should "act fast, as availability is limited."

Barker added, "Just think, even if your honey’s answer is no they still get a really good burger."

Paul Barker is a third generation sandwich savant whose staff at Pauli’s specializes in creative, upscale offerings.