Unconfirmed Rajdhani Ticket May Soon Be Eligible For Upgrade To Air Ticket

| October 23 , 2017 , 13:16 IST

Passengers with unconfirmed Rajdhani Express tickets for AC-1 or AC-II may soon be able to exchange them for an air ticket to their same destination by paying the difference in price of the two tickets.

The current chairman of the Railway Board, Ashwani Lohani had planned the scheme last summer when he was the chairman of Air India, but it was not received positively by the railways.

"If AI approaches us with this proposal, we will accept it," Lohani said to media.

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Since a large number of people receive unconfirmed AC-II Rajdhani tickets every day due to the demand-supply crunch, and one of Air India's most vexing problems is low aircraft occupancy, both the problems could be resolved by combining the two booking networks.

Lohani had suggested that the contact details of those with unconfirmed Rajdhani seats be shared automatically with Air India, which would in turn offer the passengers seats on flights that were available for the same destination at competitive rates.

"AC-II Rajdhani fares are more or less similar to air fares," Lohani said.

While the proposal seems to be a win-win situation, the possible privatisation of Air India may create an issue in the transference process.

"A benefit of having a government-owned airline... (is that) railways can transfer its unconfirmed premium passengers to state-owned AI. Lohani's idea is very good. But can railways do the same with a private AI or any other private airline without facing charges of benefitting them?" questioned an AI insider.