Don't Carry Much Luggage While Travelling? This Airline Will Help You Save Money!

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| October 15 , 2017 , 17:21 IST

Travelling via airplane might save time but can be very costly on the frequent passengers' pockets. The corporate travellers keep moving from one location to another for meeting potential clients but hardly carry luggage with them.

Keeping in mind the corporate travellers, IndiGo has announced their special service. The decision will provide some relief to their passengers who do not check-in luggage while travelling by reducing their fare.

The special option called 'Lite Fare' will be available for the passengers who do not check-in their luggage while travelling. Though, the passengers travelling with one hand baggage can avail the option.

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In case, the travellers who have booked their flight under the option turns up at the airport with the baggage of up to 15 kgs, fees of Rs 200 will have to be paid. The option will only be available for the pre-booking the flight 15 days prior.

Indigo also has a flexible fare option for jet-setters who are not sure about their next location leading to the venue change at the last minute. It allows the travellers to change to another flight without extra charge.

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This option costs Rs. 2,250 per person per sector with the regular fare. Flexible fare also offers complimentary seat selection. Indigo also allows the early arrivers to board the earliest flight with the additional charges of Rs 1,000.

The service is called 'IndiGo Early' and is applicable to "all passengers travelling on a domestic flight, wanting to prepone their flight (within 4 hours)" as mentioned on the airline's website.