Unbelievable! Get Over Exotic Cuisines, Try These Edible Insects

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| October 8 , 2017 , 19:13 IST

Indians are known for their weird eating habits. One thing that can never pass our eyes is food, be it from the road-side food stall or a high-end restaurant. We always crave to try something different and unique. 

The biggest reason for the variety of cuisines and dishes being available in India is the citizens' big appetite for experimentation. It is a world known fact that non-vegetarians might be prone to more diseases than vegetarians but there will be trying out new cuisines is remarkable.

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So, we bring to you the insects and worms which are actually eatable. Shocked? Don't be. These insects are savoured at many places in the world by the food lovers.

Bees and Wasps

The sweet and crunchy Japanese cookie is made up of rice and wasp. As much as it sounds bizarre, insects are actually a good source of protein and Japanese enjoy these wasp rice-crackers with tea.

Grasshoppers and crickets

People in Southeast Asia eat grasshoppers and crickets with much fervour. They can be eaten raw or with tomato ketchup and veggies. The dish is quite popular in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.


This species of spiders are mostly found in Cambodia where the locals love to relish in the taste of fried Tarantulas. The famous dish is also served through vending machines.


Colombians are insect lovers and have more insect dishes that one can imagine. While one can hardly imagine eating the annoying insect, they serve a special type of ant roasted and with curry in Thailand.


Mealworms and rhinoceros beetles are the most popular variety of the creepy bug which is commonly eaten in parts of Africa, Amazon basin and regions of tropical forests.