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First Ever ‘National Samosa Week’ All Set For Celebration, But Not In India!

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| March 25 , 2018 , 17:19 IST

We all know that ‘Samosa’ is said to be firstly introduced in India and it is also considered as India's all-time favourite snack. Surprisingly, in the desire of this mouth-watering delicacy, people from Leicester city of Britain have decided to celebrate the 'National Samosa Week'.

India has adopted celebration of different types of 'days' and 'weeks' from foreign countries. This time foreigners have decided to adopt an Indian originated snack and celebrate a week as ‘National Samosa Week’. Some people have also named it ‘Mosa Week’.

Celebrated as ‘National Samosa Week’, the purpose of this celebration is to promote and spread the South Asian cuisine and culture. This 'National Samosa Week' is scheduled to be organized in six cities of UK, which will be held from April 9 to 13. People participating in this will prepare, sell and eat this popular Indian snack. Money collected from this will be used in charity.

The idea of celebrating this week was given by Romail Gulzar, founder of Leicester Curry Awards, who believes that the popularity of this snack is growing rapidly and it can become the medium of unity among the various communities living in the UK.

Gulzar of Pakistani origin said, "Samosa is a Tea-Time snack In the Indian subcontinent, but it is more than that. We want to use ‘Samosa Week’ to draw people’s attention to the rich culture and food heritage of South Asia."

Romail Gulzar also said that From burger to beer, many National Food Events are celebrated, then why not Samosa Week?. Samosa is very popular in the South Asian community, the way people drink tea and eat cakes, exactly the same way there they eat Samosa. He told that Shops will be opened in the city from where samosas can be bought to eat. Here people will also be encouraged to eat and sell samosa.

Some of the winners of the National Samosa Week's prize draw will win tickets to the Leicester Curry Awards 2018, to be held in Leicester on April 22 where over 30 of the city's shortlisted restaurants will compete for the top prize.

Last year in London, a group of members of Muslim community made headlines by building a 153-kg samosa. It took 15 hours to make it and was prepared in a big tank. Later, it was distributed among the homeless people.

The popularity of Samosa in India is more than any other breakfast snack. While more people prefer potato samosas, on the other side some also prefer cheese samosa, paneer samosas, Chinese samosas and chicken samosa. Samosas have been a part of British culture since the 1960s and are available in almost every Indian restaurant there.

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