World Food Day: Let Us Eliminate World Hunger By Reducing Food Wastage

| October 16 , 2017 , 13:36 IST

World hunger is among the most severe issues that we are facing currently. As per the latest Global Hunger Index, India has shown a worsening state in the past three years while the condition of rest of the world is not any better.

October 16 marks the foundation day of Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations which was started in 1945. To commemorate the celebrated event, the day is observed as World Food Day all over the globe.

Like every year, this year also the organisation has kept an interesting yet pivotal theme for the day which is "Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development".

As per the latest statistics provided by WFD, more than 11.3% of the world is hungry leaving over 805 million people malnourished. According to a survey, approximately 7.6 million children died in 2010 of starvation.

While underdevelopment is one of the major reasons for hunger issues, we as commoners also contribute to the epidemic by wasting the food unnecessarily. Reportedly, one-third of the world's food is wasted.

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This World Food Day, let us pledge to stop wasting food and make our contribution to eliminating world hunger. Here are some tips to avoid food wastage:

1. Shop Accordingly

Out of habit we usually buy more than required whenever we are out grocery shopping. Since most of the edible products come with an expiry date, they get spoiled before they are used leading to food wastage. For regular buyers, planning their meals and shopping accordingly is recommended.

2. Food Preservation

Storing your food in containers will prevent them from spoiling, saving you from an early supermarket trip. Try to freeze the products like peas and can the other food items to preserve them from spoiling. Proper food storage can help you from wasting foo unnecessarily.

3. Remember Expiry Date

While storing the food items, it is necessary to keep the expiry dates in mind. Try to consume the older food items before using the new ones. In most of the cases, we tend to forget the items after keeping them for long, so try and consume the ones reaching their expiry first.

4. Donate To Food Banks

We often come across the food items which we are not interested in consuming anymore. Food items bought in the heat of the moment can be later donated to food banks which can easily be found anywhere near your place with a little research. These deeds help the needy without wasting the food.